Jon + Crystal, Married pt. 1

Chelsea Diane

I’ve know Jon and Crystal for the better part of a decade. Jon was, and always will be, one of my favorite students from my intern year. He and Crystal started dating in high school and have seen each other through so much. Crystal is a dear, dear friend, whom I love so much and miss her being in my life on a daily basis. They’ll always be the fifteen year old versions of themselves to me, but their wedding is beautiful and I want to share every single image that Chelsea captured. I hope you guys love these as much as I do!

Raqel + Madison, Married (pt. 1)

Logan Cole

Noah + Erica, Married

Logan Cole Photography

Beau + Jacquelyn, Married

Ciara Richardson Photography

Logan + Satie, Married

Ciara Richardson Photography

Rachel + Wes

Blake + Julie, pt. 2

Steven + Valerie

Taylor + Sara, pt. 2

Brandon + Megan

Dan + Christina

She is stunning.

Wade + Johnna

Jon + Susie, pt. 2

Coleman + Leslie

Coleman + Leslie, preview